St Christopher’s Primary School Vision

St. Christopher’s Primary School is a welcoming and caring community, guided by the Catholic Faith. 

Embracing difference and diversity, we strive to empower students to experience success and become resilient lifelong learners. 

We work collaboratively with our community to nurture the academic, spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth of each child. 

Our students are challenged to engage with their local and global world to create positive change.


The St. Christopher’s Vision Statement is published and available;

  • On the school website

  • In the staff handbook

  • At relevant times in the school newsletter

  • In the Annual Plan

  • In the school office

  • In the staff room

  • Various policies

The school vision statement guides policy development and is, therefore, a part of many policies. It is also referred to when completing an Annual Action Plan.

The Vision Statement is also shared in a number of forums including;

  • Staff meetings

  • School Advisory Council meetings

  • Leadership meetings

The Vision Statement is central to curriculum development and programming. The vision statement guides policies and learning and teaching. The Vision reflects the culture of St. Christopher’s Primary School and is embedded in everyday life at our school. Examples of this are;

  • Embracing diversity

  • Teaching and learning practices (Inquiry topics that reflect diversity)

  • Inclusive culture

  • High learning expectations for students

  • Focus on personalised learning

  • Interactions with community members

  • Welcoming culture reflected in recent data sources (MACSSIS)

  • Social justice events

  • Religious Education program