St. Christopher’s is a welcoming Catholic School with a customised education program in an environment of strong values and where individual attention to each child is the highest priority.


Being at primary school everybody knew me and it was like belonging to a whole big family with each of us connecting. I felt supported and confident, for example all classes had been adjusted to accommodate me when I started Prep with a broken Femur and was in a wheelchair for several months.

(Josh, past student)


Despite having three healthy, well balanced children, we were ill prepared when our fourth child displayed social and emotional problems in early childhood. By the age of 5, he had been asked to move on from 3 childcare centres and a primary school, before attending a 12 month intervention program.

We felt lost, isolated and confused with nowhere to turn for support. In seeking to place him back into mainstream schooling, we interviewed a number of Principals and viewed many schools in the area, most of whom were reluctant to enrol what they viewed as a ‘problem child’.

However, St. Christopher’s School was prepared to welcome our son and enact this vision statement. By working closely with our famiy, focusing on our son’s individual needs and actively living out these Catholic values, we watched our ‘problem child’ blossom, become a mentor to the younger children and eventually take a place as a student leader on the Senior Representative Council.

We wholeheartedly believe that the love, acceptance and support that he has received at St. Christopher’s radically altered the path he was on, which will have implications for the rest of his life. The power of transformation behind this one simple sentence is immeasurable when genuinely embedded in the culture of a school community.

(Karen, past parent)