Specialist Subjects

Visual Arts

St Christopher’s Visual Arts teacher provides lessons to all classes from Prep to Year 6 each week. The teacher uses a variety of mediums in the classes. The Visual Arts teacher also coordinates the Biennial whole school Art Show.

St Christopher’s holds a biennial Art Show that involves all students from Years Prep to Year 6. This is an opportunity for students to showcase their skills and artistic talents in producing both 2D & 3D art under the direction of the specialist Art teacher.

Physical Education

St Christopher’s qualified PE teacher takes each class in the school for a formal PE session each week.

The PE teacher is also responsible for the Interschool Sports program that operates in Years 4, 5 & 6 throughout the year. Footy Clinics, Golf Sessions, Twilight Sports and Bike Education are also organised by the PE teacher. Each year students compete in Cross Country Competition against other schools in the area at Jells Park.


A qualified music teacher gives a formal lesson to each class once a week. The lesson will always involve singing and movement. At year 3 students begin recorder lessons as part of their program. The music teacher also conducts choir sessions each week for the whole school. All students in Years 3 – 6 are encouraged to be part of the choirs who perform in Sacramental Programs and for the local Nursing Homes at the end of the year.


St Christopher’s employs an experienced Italian teacher who is responsible for delivering the LOTE (Language other than English) to all children from Prep to Year 6. Each class has one formal lesson per week.


The school employs a qualified Library Technician who is responsible for running the automated library. Each class attends library each week to borrow books.

Performing Arts/Drama

St Christopher’s employs a specialist drama teacher biannually who coordinates the whole school concert production. All students are given the opportunity to be involved in script writing, dance, singing, acting and perform in a premium state of the art theatre.

St Christopher’s holds a biennial Performing Arts Drama Concert that involves all students from Years Prep to Year 6. This is an opportunity for all students to display their skills and talents in the performing arts. The concert is held in a fully equipped theatre at the Besen Centre.