Religious Education

Jesus Christ is the focus and centre of our school. The aim of our Religious Education (R.E.) program is to help each member of our school community to develop a relationship with Him and through Him with the Father and Holy Spirit.

Religious Education permeates the whole school curriculum at St Christopher’s School. Specific R.E. lessons are taken regularly and the children participate in two and a half hours R.E. per week.

The faith development of the child is linked to the life experiences that a child can understand. The child is led to discover GOD’S PRESENCE AND ACTION in everyday life. Through the R.E program the child is helped to respond to God’s presence and action in his/her own life.

The school continues the child’s faith journey. It also provides one of the links uniting the family with the parish community. The school endeavours to:

  • Foster in each child an awareness of belonging to the parish of St Christopher’s
  • Awaken in the parish community an awareness of their role in supporting the faith development of their young members.

All members of St Christopher’s community – children, clergy, parents, staff and parishioners – are encouraged to participate in: Masses, Assemblies, Paraliturgies, Prayer and Sacramental programs.



Each year we celebrate one sacrament per term. Having just one sacrament per term enables the school time to prepare the children as well as possible, and to use the sacramental programs as important ways of teaching and involving the whole school and parish community.

In preparing the children for the reception of their First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation, St Christopher’s has initiated a Sacramental Program which actively involves the Parish Priest, the parents of the children, the whole school community, the parish community, as well as specific children and staff.

Whilst the children receive regular instruction in class, opportunities are also provided for discussions and meetings of parents. These help clarify and strengthen parents’ own commitment to Christ, which in turn is passed on to the children.

Catechesis for these Sacraments takes place throughout all year levels in the school, with special preparation emphasis in:

Year 3 – First Reconciliation

Year 4 – First Communion

Year 6 – Confirmation

The Baptism program is ongoing and the sacrament of Baptism is offered to children from Prep to year 6 in Term 1.



Please click the link below to view our School Prayer

St. Christopher’s prayer