Safer Internet Day
10 February, 2023

On Tuesday 7 February, all students took part in lessons that aim to educate students about how to stay safe online. This day is celebrated in over 180 countries around the world. Technology has evolved dramatically in the past two decades and the benefits have been huge. These developments have also exposed us to many risks with real-world impacts, making online safety awareness even more important. Classes participated in the following activities;

Prep: students watched the ‘Mighty Heroes’ videos from the safety commissioner website – Wanda the echidna, River the sugar glider, Dusty the frilled neck lizard, and Billie the bilby demonstrated how they could use their powers and learn how to be safer online.

1/2: Mighty Heroes posters – discussion regarding accessing support, respectful online relationships, cyberbullying and critical thinking.

3/4: Students discussed a poster that highlighted staying safe while using the internet.

5/6: Our senior students read and discussed the school’s Chromebook/ICT Device Agreement and the Internet Usage policy. They also watched a video regarding the appropriate use of mobile phones.