Harry Bennet and David Mendez Awards 2021
17 December, 2021

Harry Bennett Awards

On Tuesday 7th of December, all students and staff gathered outside for the presenation of the Harry Bennett Awards. These awards are presented each year in memory of Harry Bennett who sadly passed away in 2004. Harry is the beloved son of Russell and Bronwyn Bennett, and brother to Michael and one of our past students Bill. Most students in the school are aware of Harry’s Tree in the schoolyard and each year they see it grow taller and stronger.

The awards are presented to one child from each class in recognition of their personal achievements during the year. An overall winner was selected from these children and their name engraved on the shield that is displayed in the school office.

Congratulations to the following students;

Prep Z: Ayla Guo

1/2 VW: William Konstantakopoulos

3/4 MS: Gabriella Reuben

5/6 D: Therese Lew

Overall winner 2021: Therese Lew

We thank the Bennett Family for presenting these awards and supporting St. Christopher’s again this year. These awards have become a prestigious and special tradition at our school. Thanks also to past staff member Mary Coyle, who again assisted with sourcing the gifts presented to the winners.

Students pictured from left – right: Gabriella Reuben,  Ayla Guo and Therese Lew, William Konstantakopoulos (inset). Rear – Bronwyn, Russell and Bill Bennett.

David Mendes Love of Learning Award

During the Graduation mass on Tuesday night 14th of December,  the David Mendes Love of Learning award was presented to Ashlee Wood. This award is presented each year at graduation to a Year 6 student who has shown through work and action:

  • A love for learning

  • An ability to work, play and cooperate with others

It is presented in honour of David Mendes, a previous student at St. Christopher’s, who passed away whilst in Year 5 in 1998. David’s mother Teresa, is again present here this evening to support our school and the recipient of the award.

Some of the qualities of this year’s winner are:

  • reliable and dependable

  • positive, cheerful and enthusiastic

  • a hard worker and prepared to accept a challenge

  • tries their best

  • Has initiative

  • includes others

  • demonstrates good leadership qualities

    Congratulations Ashlee!