First Day of School 2022
04 February, 2022

A New Year Begins!

Welcome to week one and the beginning of another new year at school. We hope you enjoyed a great break with family and friends and are ready for another busy year at St. Christopher’s.

It was fantastic to see returning and new students at St. Christopher’s on Monday. It is amazing how quickly they seem to settle back into life at school and reconnect with their friends.

Special Welcome

A special welcome to students who have entered the school at levels other than Prep/Foundation. We welcome Mason De Jonk (Year 3),  Harold Hofer (Year 5), Yinou Zhang (Year 2), Archie De Jonk (Year 5), Elisha Jiang (Year 5), Isabella Cui (Year 5) and Aaron Goyal (Year 2).  We look forward to working closely with these students and their families and extend a warm welcome to them from the St Christopher’s Community.