Easter Activities
08 April, 2023

Easter Raffle

On Monday 3rd of April, we conducted our annual Easter raffle. There were 16 prizes in total and all students were given five raffle tickets. Each prize was a separate raffle and students chose how to distrubute their raffle tickets. Some spread their tickets across five raffles while some chose to put all five tickets into one raffle. It was lots of fun. Thanks to everyone for donating the chocolates and to the Parents’ Association for organising and wrapping the prizes.

Easter Liturgy

On Wednesday 5th of April, students took part in an Easter Liturgy. Each class reenacted one of the Holy Week events. Holy Week is the final week of Lent, and is the most important and significant week of the Catholic calendar. It begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Holy Saturday, the day before the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection on Easter Sunday. It’s an important week of prayer, reflection, and gratitude as we contemplate the agony Jesus endured for us and the hope of the Resurrection.


Easter Egg Hunt

The fun continued  with the Easter Egg Hunt. Each class had to find chocolate eggs their teachers had hidden in the yard. The eggs were then distrubuted amongst all the children.

Stay safe and enjoy the Easter break!